Bonus Buy Slots

Best Bonus Buy Slots in PA

Do you ever wish you could fast forward a game and get right to the bonus round? Online slots are designed with a number of cool features and the bonus buy is one of the most interesting. Find out how you can instantly unlock a slots bonus game, here.

Slots that let you buy the bonus round 

The bonus buy option is one of the newest features of online slots for PA players to enjoy. 

We’ll walk you through what bonus buy slots are, the most popular ones in PA, and which of PA’s top online casinos you can play them!

What are Bonus Buy Slots?

Bonus buy slots allow you to buy your way to the bonus round instead of spinning and hoping you hit it. 

This is an excellent feature for those who might be impatient and don’t mind spending a little bit extra on a slot. 

Remember, the bonus round is your best bet to hit the game’s biggest wins! 

How does the bonus buy feature work?

If a bonus buy feature is available, you’ll find a button on the side of the slot game that has “Buy Pass” or something similar on it.  

You can see the cost of the bonus round by clicking the button.

If you don’t mind paying the fee, you can place your bet and spin, where you will automatically enter the bonus game. 

Latest games we played and recommend

Here are the latest bonus buy slots for PA players to enjoy. 

  1. Pillars of Asgard – NextGen
  2. Rise of the Mountain King – NextGen
  3. Extra Chilli Megaways – Big Time Gaming
  4. Medusa Megaways – NextGen
  5. White Rabbit Megaways – Big Time Gaming
  6. Hotline 2 – NetEnt

Pillars of Asgard – NextGen

Pillars of Asgard is one of the most popular online slots in PA. In addition to a bonus buy feature, Pillars of Asgard is one of the only slot games with up to 1,000,000 paylines

Bonus Buy Cost80x wager
Release DateOctober 2019
PA Casinos Game is AvailableBorgata Online, BetMGM, Unibet
Bonus Buy 1

Rise of the Mountain King – NextGen

Rise of the Mountain King is another popular slot from Nextgen that features the bonus buy option. 

This game also features unlimited free spins and a 100x multiplier

Bonus Buy Cost100x wager
Release DateMarch 2020
PA Casinos Game is AvailableBorgata Online, BetMGM, Unibet
Bonus Buy 2

Extra Chilli Megaways – Big Time Gaming

Extra Chilli Megaways is a spicy online slot from Big Time Gaming that offers the bonus buy feature. 

Megaways slots give players up to 117,649 ways to win!

Bonus Buy Cost50x wager
ProviderBig Time Gaming
Release DateApril 2018
PA Casinos Game is AvailableDraftKings
Bonus Buy 3

Medusa Megaways – NextGen

Medusa Megaways has almost every feature a player loves in an online slot game: cascading wins, expanding reels, free spins, scatters, wilds, and a bonus buy.

This game also has a unique feature called the Temptation feature, which allows you to replay the bonus round.         

Bonus Buy Cost100x wager
Release DateApril 2018
PA Casinos Game is AvailableDraftKings
Bonus Buy 4

White Rabbit Megaways – Big Time Gaming

Follow the White Rabbit to Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland with Big Time Gaming’s first Megaways slot, which also features a bonus buy. 

This online slot also has a high RTP, high volatility, and 248,832 ways to win

Bonus Buy Cost100x wager
ProviderBig Time Gaming
Release DateOctober 2017
PA Casinos Game is AvailableDraftKings, FanDuel
Bonus Buy 5

Hotline 2 – NetEnt

Hotline 2 is an 80s-themed online slot from NetEnt that features three different tiers of bonus buy options for you to choose from. 

Bonus Buy Cost60x, 120x, or 180x wager
Release DateAugust 2020
PA Casinos Game is AvailableBorgata, Unibet
Hotline 2

How much does it cost to buy a slot bonus round?

The bonus cost depends on the game and your wager and how hard it is to make the bonus round in regular gameplay. 

For example, Pillars of Asgard requires players to wager 80x their original bet to buy the bonus.

There’s also the option where players can wager 10x their bet for a chance to make the bonus round; however, this isn’t guaranteed. 

Buying a bonus round – Pros and Cons

Learn how this feature works

Buying a bonus round in an online slot might sound like guaranteed money, but is it worth it? Let’s take a look. 

Pro: No waiting, and it’s guaranteed

Using the bonus buy feature means you don’t have to wait for the bonus round to come or risk it not even happening as you would in normal gameplay. 

Instead of spinning nonstop until you make it, you can guarantee yourself a bonus game.  

Con: Expensive  

The bonus buy feature is always going to cost you substantially more than what you’ve been wagering per spin. 

This might be a pro for high rollers who already have no problems spending $100 per spin, but for others, $100 is a lot to wager with.  

Pro: You Could Win Big in a Short Amount of Time 

You might need to wager $80 on one spin to unlock the bonus round but then end up winning a lot more because of it!

Bonus rounds tend to have great rewards and big cash prizes. 

For example, if an online slot has a top payout of 2,000x your wager and you bought the bonus for $80, you could end up winning up to $160,000! 

Con: You Could Lose Big in a Short Amount of Time 

As we mentioned above, bonus buy slots can lead to some big cash prizes. However, no one is guaranteed a win.

You could end up wagering $80 and walk out of the round with only $10. 

Con: Not Available Everywhere

Unfortunately, the bonus buy setting is not available in some markets, even if online casinos are. 

Tips on how to use the bonus buy round

If you have managed to find a bonus buy slot, there are a few things to consider before entering the round: 

  1. How much money do you have to wager in the game? Can you afford to lose it all on one spin? If the answer is no, you should not put it all on the bonus round. 
  2. Do you like the thrill that comes with playing online slots, or are you just playing to unlock the bonus game? 
  3. Can you control your spending habits while playing at an online casino?

You want to enter a bonus round feeling confident and with the mindset that you’re there playing for fun.

This means not wagering more than you can afford, especially when you aren’t guaranteed a win just because you bought yourself into the bonus game. 

If you’re financially comfortable and prefer to chase a big payout, then the bonus buy round could be for you. 

Users who might struggle with online gambling should never enter a bonus game because you could end up chasing your losses and lose a large amount of money in a concise amount of time. 

We encourage all our PA players to play responsibly while having fun. 

Are Bonus Buy Slots Legal in Pennsylvania?

Yes, bonus buy slots are legal at any online casino licensed and regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

Illegal and offshore casinos are not held to the same high standards, and so you will never see such sites listed on our pages.

The providers behind the best Bonus buy Slots

There are only two providers with bonus buy slots available to PA players.


NextGen is a game provider that operates worldwide and supplies a variety of slot titles to PA casinos. 

Popular NextGen slots that have the bonus buy feature include:

  • Pillars of Asgard
  • Medusa Megaways
  • Rise of the Mountain King

Big Time Gaming

Two of BTG’s popular Megaways slots have a bonus buy feature, including: 

  • White Rabbit
  • Extra Chilli Megaways

Interested in finding the best Megaways available to PA players? We have all the details here

Bonus Buys aren’t risk-free but can lead to massive wins!

Each online slot that offers a bonus buy feature has additional features in their bonus round that make each game unique. 

Remember to weigh the pros and cons listed above before purchasing the buy-in option. 

Bonus rounds are the best way to hit the biggest wins available in any game, so the risk can certainly be worth it. 

Please, play responsibly and have fun!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, so long as you are wagering real money. Bonus buy slots allow players to jump directly into a bonus round of a game. Bonus rounds are the best way for players to hit the biggest wins a game has to offer.
Yes. Some online slots have a bonus buy feature that allows you to bypass the game and instantly unlock the bonus round. Our guide here will help you learn more about how to do this.
As always, the more you wager, the more you can win. However, the more you wager on bonus buy slots, the more expensive the bonus buy feature is. It's always best to remember that all casino games are games of chance.