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Baccarat is one of the most-played card games, with easy gameplay and straightforward bets. While the rules are simple, it’s still best to learn and master them.

Play Baccarat at these Online Casinos:

Players must be 21 years or older to gamble online.
Responsible gambling applies

95 score
$2 050 Bonus
15x Wagering
- Freespins
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89 score
$2 000 Bonus
0x Wagering
- Freespins
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95 score
$1 025 Bonus
15x Wagering
- Freespins
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Borgata Online
94 score
$1 020 Bonus
15x Wagering
- Freespins
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PokerStars Casino
88 score
$600 Bonus
-2x Wagering
- Promo Code
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Hollywood Casino
88 score
$512 Bonus
10x Wagering
- Freespins
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91 score
$510 Bonus
20x Wagering
- Freespins
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91 score
$250 Bonus
1x Wagering
- Freespins
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Caesars Casino
89 score
$200 Bonus
- Freespins
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What’s in this Guide

  1. Online Baccarat Real Money vs Baccarat online free
  2. What is online Baccarat? 
  3. What Are the Best Baccarat Online Casinos in Pennsylvania? 
  4. Is Online Baccarat Safe to Play? 
  5. Why play Baccarat in online casinos? 
  6. Online Baccarat Types 
  7. Difference between Live Dealer Baccarat and Virtual Baccarat 
  8. Live Baccarat Games 
  9. 7 important tips to know before playing Baccarat Online 
  10. How does Online Baccarat work? 
  11. Play baccarat on your phone 
  12. Conclusion 

Online Baccarat Real Money vs Baccarat online free

Did you know that you can play online baccarat in two ways? You can play for real money and win real cash as well. However, if you are new to online gaming, you can try the demo version before playing for real money.

When you play the demo mode, you cannot win real money. Compare its pros and cons before you sign up and play in your preferred Pennsylvania casino.

What is online Baccarat? 

As a classic card game, playing baccarat is easy with simple rules. The player bets on three possible outcomes in this activity – the Player, the Banker, or a Tie.

However, just like in other games, you need to learn the basics of the game before you can master it. Also, baccarat has several variants, and it’s your choice which one suits you best.   

Advantages of playing Online Baccarat with real money 

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you play online for real money.  

Live Baccarat Table
Evolution’s First Person Baccarat
  • There’s a chance to win real cash    
  • You can enjoy cashback offers, bonuses, and other promotions
  • You can potentially win a jackpot.

Playing baccarat games for real money also has disadvantages:

  • You are betting real money, so losing it is inevitable  
  • You might find the game a bit challenging, especially if you are not aware of the rules and terms. 

Playing Online Baccarat for Free 

Free demo versions of online baccarat games offers many advantages. 

  • It is a perfect choice for beginners who want to build experience and know the gameplay 
  • You will not lose money.
  • You can apply baccarat strategies without risking your money. 

However, there are cons to playing baccarat games for free. 

  • You cannot win real cash from playing free online baccarat  
  • You might not find it exciting due to the lack of potential wins

What Are the Best Baccarat Online Casinos in Pennsylvania? 

Online baccarat is playable in most Pennsylvania casinos. But its popularity can be challenging since you’ll find it hard to pick the right site. If there are several good sites, a few factors can help you find what’s best for you. For example, you can check out its game collection, mobile compatibility, and the availability of popular payment and withdrawal methods.

Here are the top 5 Casinos to play baccarat at:

  1. BetMGM Casino
  2. Borgata Online Casino
  3. Unibet Casino
  4. DraftKings Casino
  5. BetRivers Casino

Is Online Baccarat Safe to Play? 

Choosing a reliable and legitimate online casino is the key to playing baccarat games the safest way. Licensed online casino operators ensure fair games while results are at random. 

Is it Legal to play Baccarat online in Pennsylvania? 

Yes, online baccarat gaming is legal for players in Pennsylvania. It is legalized and regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. Once you play in a licensed and reputable casino, you can count on secure and reliable payments. The good news is that we only review legal and licensed online casinos.

Is Online Baccarat Fair? 

Online casinos utilize a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure fair online baccarat game results. In addition, the top casinos work with third-party auditors for regular auditing of the randomness of the game results. 

Why play Baccarat in online casinos? 

Here are some of the reasons why it’s much more enjoyable and rewarding to play in online casinos:

Online BaccaratBaccarat in Land-based Casino
Play from your home✔️
Play on multiple seats at the same time✔️

Playing online baccarat brings convenience to players compared to land-based casinos. You can take part in baccarat games from the comfort of your home. Also, generous bonuses and promotions await when you sign up for an account with a casino and play baccarat online. In addition, playing online gives you access to rewarding offers such as reload bonuses, cashback offers, and VIP loyalty schemes.

Why play Baccarat Online?
Why play Baccarat Online?

Online Baccarat Types 

When you play online baccarat, you can choose from several thrilling variants. Here are some of the most popular variants you can try out before playing baccarat games for real money.  

  1. Chemin de Fer 

The Chemin de Fer is a famous French card game playable by 12 players. The ultimate goal is to get a total score of 9 out of two or three cards.

  1. Punto Banco 

If you prefer online baccarat games with lower house edges, Punto Banco is great. In this card game, cards are dealt from a shoe consisting of 6-8 decks of cards. You can bet on the Player or the Banker. 

  1. Baccarat Banque 

Another popular variant of online baccarat is the Baccarat Banque. It follows simple game rules. In this game, betting is role-based, and you can either be the Banker or the player.

  1. No Commission Baccarat 

In this baccarat version, you don’t need to worry about the fees on the Banker’s bet.   

  1. EZ Baccarat 

EZ Baccarat features simple rules, and bettors choose between the Player and the Banker. You can also play two additional side bets here, such as Dragon 7 and Panda 8.  

  1. European Baccarat 

In European Baccarat, players can decide to draw with a value of 5 or stand to win. The Banker can also have the chance to hit an extra card.  

  1. American Baccarat

The American Baccarat is popularly played in US casinos and usually involves higher betting limits. When played in land-based casinos, the betting table can accommodate up to 14 players.  

  1. Baccarat Squeeze 

In this variant, the dealer slowly squeezes the card and reveals its value. 

  1. Dragon Tiger 

The Dragon Tiger baccarat version allows players to predict which card, the Dragon, or Tiger, has the best value.

Difference between Live Dealer Baccarat and Virtual Baccarat 


Live Baccarat 
1. It’s more entertaining since you play against a human dealer
2. You can interact and chat with other players as you play
1. You need to wait for the next live game
2. Games are sometimes slower

Virtual Baccarat 
1. Game is faster
2. Visually-impressive production
3. Mixed formats are available
1. You don’t interact with the dealer
2. You don’t interact with the player
3. Use of dated technology in some games

Live Baccarat Games 

Players who prefer gaming in land-based casinos will surely appreciate and love live baccarat games. 

Virtual Baccarat Online Games 

Virtual baccarat games are mostly run on RNG software. They are one of the most popular variants in online casinos. 

7 important tips to know before playing Baccarat Online 

1. Learn Basic Rules, Side Bets, and Payouts

The key to getting the best possible experience with online baccarat is understanding its basic rules, side bets, and payouts. If you play for real money, you must be aware of the risk associated and rewards. 

2. Know all Baccarat Betting Strategies

Just like other games, baccarat game results are random. But you can still apply a particular baccarat strategy to increase your winnings and reduce losses.  

3. Plan your budget and your time

Baccarat Dealer
Remember these tips to maximize your chances of winning

Before you play, you have to set a budget that you can afford to lose. Otherwise, you might end up chasing losses and eventually lose larger amounts.  

4. Read our game & casino reviews

We provide you with a comprehensive guide and reviews for online baccarat gaming. We compare and review only the shortlisted, the best casino operators for you. 

5. Practice for free

If you are new to casino gaming, you can use the demo version to practice for free. You can use free game credits and eventually apply strategies without the risk of losing money. 

6. Watch streamers to discover new tips.

Baccarat streamers are also great help if you are new to baccarat online. We recommend that you create an account today and watch streamers in the industry.

7. Learn the lingo

Learn the game’s lingo before playing online baccarat for real money. Below is a table listing the mostly used baccarat terms you need to know.  

BankerA bet on the Banker’s hand
RNGRandom Number Generator
HitYou ask the dealer for another card
StandThe player is satisfied with the value of the hand
TieThe value of the Player’s and Banker’s hands are the same
PairYou are betting that the first two cards are of the same number or picture

How does Online Baccarat work? 

To start playing baccarat online, the first thing to do is find a casino that offers this type of game. Then, open the game and check out the demo version to familiarize the rules and gameplay. Next, decide and place your bet considering the three options as Banker, Player, or Tie

Once you have decided, you can start playing by clicking on the ‘Deal’ button. You can hit another card or retain your cards based on the hand value in the game.  

Live Dealer Baccarat Rules and Bets types 

The online baccarat betting rules are similar to the rules used in physical casinos. Your task is to place the bet on the winning hand using virtual chips. Listed below are the types of bets you can consider when you play online baccarat. 

1. Bet on a player

You bet that the Player’s hand has the highest value

2. Bet on a banker

You bet that the Banker’s hand has the highest value

3. Pairs

You bet that the first two cards have the same point or picture.

4. Tie

You bet that both the Player and Banker’s hands have a similar point. 

5. Big hand

You wager that the Big hand wins. If five cards are on the table, at least one player has a third card.

6. Small hand

This side bet wins if none of the players has a third card. It means that four cards remain on the betting table.

7. Minimum/maximum bets

Betting limits are set on your baccarat table.

How is the game of online Baccarat made? 

Online casinos work with software developers to develop the best baccarat games.

Among the leading game designers in the industry are the following: 

  1. Evolution Gaming – Evolution is the industry leader when it comes to table games and live casino.
  2. Playtech – Playtech is a leading casino software developer that specializes in slots, video poker and table games.
  3. MicrogamingMicrogaming is best known as the provider of the first true online casino software.

Play baccarat on your phone 

Playing baccarat on your mobile phone is now possible, and it provides plenty of features. For example, a mobile casino app promotes smooth and convenient transactions. You can top up your casino account to play online baccarat variants in just a few clicks and swipes. 


As a classic casino game, online baccarat appeals to players with simple bets and rules. The availability of side best like All Red, Pairs, All Black, or Perfect Pairs makes it each betting round more exciting. Keep in mind the basics, rules, and betting types before playing online baccarat for real money. 

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Frequently asked questions

You can find online baccarat at most casinos in the state, including SugarHouse, Hollywood, and BetRivers.
Yes! A number of casinos in PA now offer live dealer casino games, like live baccarat. The majority of these games are powered by Evolution.
Out of all the bets you can place in online baccarat, the Banker appears to be the best. It offers a low house edge and the greatest chance you’ll have in winning your money back.