Top-rated casinos in PA

The Top Casinos in Pennsylvania

Looking for the top-rated casinos in PA? Here’s what you’ll need to know in one place! We list all our favorite casinos and why we love them!

Table of contents

  1. Fastest withdrawals casinos
  2. Best payout casinos
  3. Biggest game selection
  4. Best customer support
  5. Top 5 most popular casinos
  6. The most awarded casinos
  7. Casinos with the most frequent bonus offers/promotions
  8. Top 5 casinos with the best tournaments
  9. Casinos with the best loyalty program
  10. Top Casinos with Responsible gaming practice
  11. Top-rated Casinos
  12. Top New Casinos
  13. Fastest Registration
  14. Best Mobile Casinos
  15. Payment Methods

How do we know what casinos are the best?

In order to inform you in the best way we can, we go through a few criteria to make sure that we are confident in the information we bring to you. So here are the criteria.

  1. License 
  2. Games and Providers Selection
  3. Payment Methods
  4. Overall Casino RTP
  5. Customer Support
  6. The Mobile App
  7. Responsible Gaming Program

Top Casinos with the Fastest withdrawals

We went through PA’s casinos to check out which of them have the fastest withdrawals. This depends on what type of payment method you’ll be using, so check out this page to get more information about that. If you use Casino Play+ Card, the withdrawal time is virtually instantaneous. The quicker you get your money, the more you’ll enjoy yourself. It’s your money, after all! Here are the Casinos:

  1. Hollywood Casino
  2. Parx Casino
  3. SugarHouse
  4. BetRivers
  5. Unibet

Top 5 Best payout casinos

When looking for casinos, you want to check out the ones with the best payout. That’s why you’re here in the first place! Here are the ones we rated the best so that you can continue without doing the research yourself. Here are the highest payout casinos that have the highest payout games:

  1. SugarHouse 
  2. Hollywood Casino
  3. Parx Casino
  4. Unibet 
  5. PokerStars 

Top Casino Biggest game selection

The bigger the selection, the better the experience! We all love having the choice to switch between games, so ideally, someone picks a casino that has a lot of games varying from slots, poker, baccarat, and everything in between.  The more games that are available, the more options you have to enjoy yourself. 

  1. SugarHouse
  2. Hollywood Casinos
  3. Betway
  4. Borgata Online
  5. DraftKings

Top Casinos with the Best customer support

Customers need to know that they can contact customer support at any time they are using the casinos’ services. We’ve determined that the following are the top casinos for customer support by checking their availability, testing their speed, what channels they have for customers to contact them, and we check whether they help us out or not. You can contact them through email, phone, and live chat, so you’re spoiled for choice!

  1. Unibet
  2. Borgata Online
  3. DraftKings
  4. SugarHouse
  5. Barstool Sportsbook & Casino

Top 5 Most popular casinos in PA

There are a few things we have to check out before we tell you what the most popular casinos in Pennsylvania are. As we already mentioned, we go through a list of criteria that determine this. A few of those criteria are: license, bonuses and promotions, games and providers selection and a lot more! After we’ve reviewed all of that, we came up with the following:

  1. SugarHouse
  2. Borgata Online
  3. PokerStars Casino
  4. Unibet
  5. BetRiver

Top Casinos with the most awards

A lot of the casinos in PA are pretty much new. They’ve launched this year or last year, which mean that they haven’t had enough time to rack up any awards. With that being said, here are the two that have gotten awards!

  1. Borgata Online
  2. Hollywood Casino

Top 5 Casinos with the most frequent bonus offers/promotions

Players are constantly looking out for bonuses and promotions, so we did our best to gather them right here. Players tend to look for the most popular bonuses, which include Free Spins and No Deposit Bonuses. These casinos were chosen due to them having licensed operators in Pennsylvania, and the PGCB oversees every online casino to make sure everything is in order. Check them out!

  1. SugarHouse
  2. BetRivers
  3. Hollywood Casino
  4. Unibet
  5. PokerStars Casino

Top 4 casinos with the best tournaments

Here are the casinos that rank highest when it comes to hosting tournaments and promotions. We looked at which casinos give their customers daily promotions and how many of those customers were actually participating in the tournaments. It looks like players in PA are gravitated towards the following casinos:

  1. Borgata Online
  2. PokerStars Casino
  3. Betway
  4. Barstool Sportsbook & Casino

Top 5 Casinos with the best loyalty program

Loyal customers require something to come back to. We went through the casinos that are licensed in PA, and here are the ones with the best loyalty VIP programs. We determined this by registering and seeing what’s offered!

  1. BetRivers
  2. Borgata Online
  3. SugarHouse
  4. Pokerstars Casino
  5. Caesar’s Casino (VIP system)

Top 5 Casinos with the best Responsible gambling practice

All the casinos that we’ve included in this list are all approved by the Pennsylvania Game Control Board. In other words, they all have the license to operate in PA. The casinos have ways of promoting the responsibility by providing customers with self-exclusion options as well as linking them to different resources that will help them seek help, if need be. 

  1. Parx Online
  2. BetMGM
  3. Borgata Online
  4. Caesar’s Casino
  5. DraftKings

Top-rated casinos

Check out the following highest ranking casinos to see which one is for you. We determined this by checking their welcome bonuses and promotions, RTP, customer support and game variety.

  1. SugerHouse
  2. Borgata Online
  3. Unibet
  4. BetRivers
  5. DraftKings

Best New Casinos

Here are the new kids on the block. All of these casinos have recently been launched in PA and looking to make a splash. Newer casinos are constantly trying to add more games, more bonuses and promotions so that means you can get a better experience! According to their offers and promotions, customer support and game variety, these are the casinos you should keep in mind: 

  1. Barstool Sportsbook & Casino
  2. Borgata Online
  3. Unibet
  4. Hollywood Casino
  5. BetRivers

Casinos with the fastest registration

The first step to checking which casinos have the fastest registration process, is to simply go through it ourselves. We took it upon ourselves to register to each one and came to the conclusion that the following casinos in PA have the most convenient process. The registration for BetRivers is the same as SugarHouse’s.

  1. SugarHouse
  2. Borgata Online
  3. Unibet
  4. BetRivers
  5. DraftKings

Best casinos to play on mobile

Playing casino games on mobile is probably the most popular way of using online casinos. It’s convenient! We have our phones with us all the time. An online casino cannot really launch without it having its own mobile app to advertise. Actually, some casinos only operate through a mobile app (FanDuel). So, without further ado, here are the best casinos to play on mobile:

  1. BetRivers
  2. Hollywood Casino
  3. SugarHouse
  4. BetMGM
  5. Borgata Online

Casinos that offer the highest variety of payment methods

A good thing to keep in mind when registering with a casino is what and how many payment methods do they offer. The larger the option, the more customers choose the casino because they can use different payment methods. Here’s what we found thanks to our very own reviews: 

  1. Betway (6)
  2. BetRivers (6)
  3. Borgata online (7)
  4. DraftKings (7)
  5. Unibet (7)

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