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Casino TermDefinition
ABC PokerPlaying poker “by the book”, basic poker playing style.
AceA roll of 1 or 11.
AcesA roll of 2.
Ace DeuceA roll of 3.
Ace RichA sign showing the possibility of increasing the expectation of receiving an ace soon.
AdvantageThe statistically theoretical edge one side has over the other.
Advantage PlayerA player who knows how to use strategy to obtain a mathematical advantage over the casino.
AnchormanThis is the last player to act before the dealer when sitting at a blackjack table. 
Active PaylineA payline where your bet is placed. Sometimes, the player is allowed to choose their own payline but in most cases, they are predetermined.
AutospinThis is an online option that allows slot players to set a number of spins under a stake level.
ActionA player’s total playing time is shown here. It may relate to the total amount of money wagered during a casino session or the total amount of time spent using your online account.
All-InWhen a player decides to bet the whole pot/chips on one bet/hand.
Ante A minimum amount a player must bet before the game begins, usually a small amount. 
Any CrapsA roll of 2, 3 or 12.
ApronThe outside layer of a craps table.


Casino TermDefinition
Bet The amount of money that is wagered on a spin.
Back CountingCounting cards as a watcher from behind the table.
BarredNot allowed to be/play at an online casino. 
Back OffThis occurs when players are asked not to play anymore due to reasons like card counting. This happens right before getting barred.
Balanced CountA card counting system in which the amount of the negative cards is the same as the amount of positive cards.
Basic StrategyThe optimal playing strategy for a game. A basic strategy maximizes your chances of winning.
BankrollThe money you have available to play with.
Bet CorrelationThe correlation between card values and the effect of removal of cards. It is used to predict how well a counting system predicts good betting situations, and can approach 1.00 (100% correlation).
Bet SpreadThe amount of the maximum and minimum bets a player is making during a blackjack playing session. When counting, the larger the spread, the more money you expect to make.
Betting SystemAny betting strategy that will help the players to manage and increase their bankroll.
Biased numbersIn terms of probability, these are the numbers that have been statistically demonstrated to be more successful than others.
Big PlayerThe Big Player is the member of a card counting team who make big bets when counting is favorable. They depend on ‘spotters’ to call them in.
Black BookA document of players who are barred from playing. 
Black ChipA chip valued at $100.
Brown/Chocolate ChipA chip valued at $5000.
Burn CardPrior to any card being dealt, the dealer places the first card to one side and face down. This is known as the ‘burn card’, and is designed to make it impossible for the first player to know what the first card is going to be.
BackdoorWhen a player obtains a river card and other card on the turn to make a hand.
Bad BeatAn expression used in poker when a player with a strong hand loses to a player with a weak hand by mere chance or luck of the deal.
BurningAt the start of each game, the first three to six card of the shuffled deck are discarded or burned.


Casino TermDefinition
Cash OutAt the end of a gaming session, players can withdraw their winnings by cashing out. This consists of converting credits won into real money.
Casino BonusThe best online casinos always offer new players a Welcome Casino Bonus, which includes offers such as matching of the first deposit, free spins on select slot games, and more.
CreditsOnline casino games such as slot are played using credits, which is real money that is converted into credits that can be used to play that specific slot game.
Card CountingSome players use card counting as a strategy to keep mental track of the value of the cards dealt in order to potentially establish what and when the remaining cards may appear to the player.
CashbackRegular players might earn money back as a kind of cashback. Depending on the circumstances, it can be a typical casino promotion, a perk for members of a loyalty program, or a prize for those with a slots club card.
Cold SlotA word used to describe a slot that has a poor payout percentage or a long losing streak. The term “tight slot” is also used. In contrast, there are hot slots. This strategy is no longer regarded to be viable, as it relies on playing cold slots before they become hot.
CompsRegular slot players are eligible for a variety of rewards. Freebies at land-based casinos would include things like free hotel rooms and meals, but those at online casinos are more likely to include things like comp points.
Cold NumbersThere are at least 37 numbers that haven’t come up in a spin.
CroupierPerson in charge of receiving and paying out winning bets at a casino. – a businessman
ChipsChips are tokens used by players to place their wagers. Each chip represents a valued denomination in currency. Different coloured chips hold different values.
Call / CallingWhen a player matches the last wager made. *NOTE* You must call in order to raise.
CheckAn action a player can use to not place a wager when it is their turn. This action can only be used if there have been no previous wagers or raises in the round.


Casino TermDefinition
DenominationCasino credits or coins come in a variety of denominations or values.
DealerThe person in blackjack who deals the cards and manages the entire game.
DeckA standard 52-card deck is used in blackjack, with some casinos often shuffling more than one deck together.
Deck PenetrationDeck penetration is the percentage of cards that are played out of an entire deck or shoe before reshuffling. 
DeviationPlayers using a basic strategy can make changes or deviations at certain times, mostly based on the count at the time.
DiscardsIn blackjack, cards that have been dealt are referred to as discards. These are placed to one side until a new shoe is requested, after which discards are reshuffled and reused. 
Discards TrayThe dealer will place dealt cards into a discard tray located on the table.
DropThe amount of money a player has deposited.


Casino TermDefinition
Expected ValueThe Expected Value refers to the statistical amount that any given time period is worth. In reality, results rarely equal the player’s expected value in the short term. However, given enough time the actual results do inevitably catch up with the Expected Value.
Even moneyUsing any combination other than doubles to roll an even number. Only applies to numbers 4, 6, 8, and 10.


Casino TermDefinition
FeatureThe best online casino games come with a variety of bonus features that generally improve over gameplay and also add more potential winnings.
Face CardFace card refer to the Jack, Queen, or King in a deck of cards.
First BasePlayers that sit on the dealer’s far left are sat at First Base, and they will always receive the first hand.
Flat BetFlat bets occur when players bet the same amount of money on each successive hand.
FlopThe first three community cards placed on the table face-up by the dealer. This action is performed after the initial round of placing wagers. After the flop, another action round of wagering will take place.
FoldWhen a player gives up on a round and forfeits their wagers in the pot.
Fever fiveA five-sided roll, often known as five fever.
Free oddsSimply called odds, they are the wagers that can be made or laid on the Pass/Come or Don’t Pass/Don’t Come. These are compensated at genuine parity.


Casino TermDefinition
Hole CardThe Hole Card is the face down card that the dealer receives during the initial deal
House EdgeCasino games have a house edge which refers to the expected advantage that the casino has in a game. In blackjack, the house edge is generally set a bit over 1%.
Hold PercentageThe inverse, or return to player rate, is what you’re looking for. The casino retains a portion of all wagers made at a particular slots. To put it another way, this is the boundary of the home.


Casino TermDefinition
Maximum BetWhen playing an online slot, there is a fixed maximum bet. This is the highest possible amount that can be wagered on all active paylines and with the highest possible coin denomination.
Minimum BetA minimum bet is also possible in online slots, which can be applied both to a single payline or by wagering the lowest possible coin value on all paylines.
MultiplierAny winning payline that includes this special symbol will boost the reward. More than one multiplier sign is possible. There are certain slots that include them in the regular game, while others only include them in the bonus rounds of those games. More information can be found on this page.


Casino TermDefinition
No Hole CardEuropean casinos make use of a ‘No Hole Card’, which is the dealer’s second card that is not drawn until the players have played their hands.


Casino TermDefinition
WagerThis is the amount of money a player has to put forward to be able to play.
WinOne of the possible outcomes of casino games in a win. This can include the matching of symbols aligned on an active payline in slots, a certain sequence of cards in card games, or any other outcome as dictated by the online casino game rules.

Lingo per game – Find the term you are looking for the game type you want to play

Now that I’ve listed all the general terms you need to know about, here are the game-specific terms that aren’t so general. Each term you’ll see under a table, is specifically used for a particular game. 


Baccarat terminology

Check out these important Baccarat terms.

BanqueA French variant of Baccarat that is played on two tables. The Banker sits in the middle and plays with one hand against two hands on each side.
Banco PrimeWhen more than one player has called ‘Banco’ during a game, the priority is given to the player to the Banker’s right.
Chemin De FerOne of the most popular Baccarat variations
CallerAn important role during a game of Baccarat. This person is a casino staff member who turns the cards, calls out game results, and deals out additional cards when required.
CarteIn traditional Baccarat games, players use the word ‘Carte’ when asking the dealer for another card.
ChevalA specific type of bet that is mainly found in European Baccarat. A Cheval bet is won when both active players win the bets. The bet is lost if both players lose the bet, and it remains intact if one player loses and the other wins their bet.
ChequesBaccarat that is played in land-based casinos utilises special chips called cheques.
CommissionIn most Baccarat games, the casino takes a 5% commission on the winnings each time a player wins on a ‘Banker’ bet.
CoupA French word that is used to describe one round of Baccarat.
CroupierAnother name given to the dealer – the person that hands out the cards and is in charge of the deck during gameplay.
Cut When the dealer ‘cuts’ the deck, they divide it in half after it has been shuffled. The deck is then combined once again before dealing cards.
Cut CardWhen playing at a land-based casino, dealers use a plastic card to cut the deck of cards.
Deux TableauA French term that translates to ‘Two Tables’, which is another name for Baccarat Banque variant.
Discard TrayAny cards that are discarded during gameplay are placed in the discard tray.
Down CardA face down card that remains in that position until the play has been called.
Dragon BonusA winning one if a chosen hand wins by at least four points.
Edge SortingEdge sorting is used in Baccarat to identify card values on the basis of tiny differences on the back of the cards that appear during the manufacturing process.
FadingThis casino term is used when placing bets against a person. In Baccarat, this is only applicable in land-based games.
Flat BetPlayers can place a flat bet during Baccarat when they want to wager the same amount irrespective if the hand is a win or a loss.
La GrandeNatural Baccarat totaling nine.
La PetiteNatural Baccarat, totaling eight.
A slang used for a face card or a ten
Mini BaccaratAmerican Baccarat can be played on smaller mini baccarat tables where gameplay is often more relaxed and much faster. Mini baccarat tables are limited to around 7 players and is the preferred choice for those that have an average bankroll size and are looking for tables with reasonable limits.
MuckThis is the discard pile where all used cards are deposited, including hands that have been folded.
NaturalA natural hand is landed in Baccarat when the two first cards dealt total eight or a nine. A natural eight is a winning hand that ends that round, and is only succeeded by a natural nine which is the best hand in Baccarat.
PuntoPunto is a term derived from punter, and is used to describe the player.
Punto en BlancoPunto Banco is one of the most widespread Baccarat variations.
PushThere are cases in Baccarat where bets are neither winning nor losing, so they are classified as push bets. The amounts wagered by players are ‘pushed’ and returned.
RailroadRailroad is an informal way of referring to the Chemin de Fer Baccarat version, of which it is a direct translation. It is sometimes also called Chemmy.
ShillsAt land-based casinos, there are casino staff who are referred to as shills, and are tasked with promoting Baccarat to clients.
ShoeSome of the best land-based casinos use an automatic dealing machine called a shoe, which can deal up to 8 decks.
ShooterThe bank is sometimes referred to as the Shooter.
Shuffle UpDealer are said to shuffle up the deck of cards before the game begins.
SkillPeople can pass a ‘skill’ or ‘joke’ during Baccarat to indicate that a player is having a good run.
StandoffIn cases where both the Player and the Banker have hands with an equal value, they are joined in a tie or are said to be having a standoff.
Super Pan NineSuper Pan Nine is a popular Baccarat variant at poker casinos in Los Angeles. It is different from other forms of Baccarat as one player act as the Bank.
Table of PlayBaccarat employs a set of rules called Table of Play, which denote the various scores allowing players to receive a third card.
TieThe Tie Bet is one of the three possible bets in Baccarat. When a hand ends in a tie, it becomes a push in the absence of a tie bet. This wager has the highest base house edge, which also give it the best payout.
UpcardA card that has been turned face-up during a game of Baccarat.
VigorishBaccarat works with a commission, or a vigorish, which is a percentage fee that is taken by the casino from the winnings of. a successful wager.

Blackjack terminology

Learn more about Blackjack using these terms.

Bet BehindThe option to gamble on other players’ hands. It’s especially popular in Live Blackjack games when tables are full and there is no seat available. It adds large multiplayer scalability to the game and an increased winning potential. See ‘Side Bet’.
BustTo lose / to go over a hand total of 21.
Bust CardThe individual card that results in the player’s or dealer’s hand going over 21.
Bust ItA type of blackjack side bet that is sometimes also called ‘Buster’ or ‘Bust bonus’, which covers the scenario when the dealer busts with three cards or more.
Camouflage PlaySome skilled players prefer to not make their professional approach apparent, so they use camouflage play by deliberately making mistakes to hide their skills.
CharlieCharlie’ or ‘Six Card Charlie’ is a rule in blackjack that cover a scenario in which a player reaches a certain number of cards (usually 5 or 7) without going bust. This leads to an automatic win.
Chip DownThis occurs when players decrease their bet from what was wagered in the previous hand.
Chip UpPlayers can chip up or increase their bet from their previous hand.
CSMCSM is an acronym of ‘Continuous Shuffling Machine’, a tool used by some casinos to keep their card decks consistently shuffled to prevent card counting.
Cold DeckSome blackjack shoe boxes are said to contain cold decks when they are constantly spewing out bad cards that lead to significant losses.
Color UpWhen playing at a blackjack table, some players may ask the dealer to convert some low denomination chips into higher ones. As these are generally more colorful, this is called coloring up.
Crazy 7A side bet in blackjack where players bet that other players will get trip 7s on their first three cards, where a suited Three of a Kind is the best possible outcome.
D9When a player double downs on a 9, 10, or 11.
DA9When a player doubles down on any two cards.
DASWhen a player doubles after split, or double downs after a hand is split.
Green ChipA $25 chip.
Hi-Lo (High-Low)Hi-Lo is a card counting system that is noted as being one of the best available. It employs the basic principle of card counting, by assigning negative, positive, or zero point value of the cards in the deck.
Hit 17 (H17)A specific rule in blackjack where the dealer takes a hit when they have a soft 17.
Hot 3A side bet in Infinite Blackjack by Evolution that is similar to Lucky Lucky, where the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card and win for the total points of 19 or 21.
InsuranceA side bet in blackjack that is only offered when the dealer has an Ace. This has a payout of 2:1 if the dealer gets Blackjack.
Lucky LuckyA side bet in blackjack that utilizes the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card. Various winning combinations using these three cards can be made, such as a suited 7s to a total of 19, each with different payouts.
MonkeyA Monkey card has a value of 10.
Multi-deckThe majority of blackjack games use multi-decks, which range from 6 to 8 decks at a time.
N0N-zero is the theoretical number of rounds in blackjack that are needed to overcome 2/3s of the variance and hit a goal of being ahead by one standard deviation.
Natural (21) (Blackjack)A ‘Natural 21’ or ‘Natural’ is an alternative name for a hand of Blackjack, with a payout of around 3:2.
NDASSome players can opt to No Double After Split (NDAS).
NRSANo resplit Aces
Pink ChipA $2.50 chip.
PloppyA Ploppy is a slang term for a terrible blackjack player, coined by Frank Scoblete.
Red ChipA $5 chip.
Six Card CharlieSame as ‘Charlie’.
Top 3A side bet in blackjack that is used in conjunction with 21+3. As per the latter, the player’s initial two cards and the dealer’s up card are combined for a three-card poker hand.
WhaleA whale is a blackjack player who plays at high limits.
WongingWonging in blackjack happens when you back count and only bet when you have the edge.
Yellow/Orange/Pumpkin ChipA $1,000 chip.
21 + 3A side bet in Blackjack that makes use of the player’s initial two cards and the dealer’s up card, which combine to form a three-card poker hand.
86’dNo Blackjack player wants to hear ’86’d’, as this means that you are being removed from the casino property.
10 Count Strategy10 count strategy is a card counting strategy in blackjack where players keep track of the odds of receiving a 10-value card. The higher the count reaches, the better the chance of landing a 10.

Craps terminology

With Craps being the only dice game legal in PA, learn more about it through these terms.

Ballerina SpecialA Player rolls a Ballerina Special when they roll double two’s.
Bank CrapsThe actual name for the casino version of craps is Bank Craps.
Barber PoleDuring a game of craps, a player can stack their casino chips of different denominations in a way called a Barber Pole.
Big 6Big 6 is an even money bet in craps where a six will be rolled before a seven is rolled.
Big 8Big 8 is an even money bet in craps where an eight will be rolled before a seven is rolled.
BonesDuring a craps game, some players may colloquially refer to dice as ‘bones’.
BowlEvery craps table has a bowl located next to the stickman that holds the dice.
BoxcarsOne of the most recognisable outcomes of a dice roll is a pair of sixes, which is called Boxcars in craps. It is also sometimes referred to as Midnight, Twelve Craps, or Cornrows.
BoxmanA Boxman acts as the table supervisor uring craps, and ensure that all is in order during gameplay.
Box NumbersBox Numbers are the place numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10.
Center FieldNine is called the centerfield in craps as it is located in the middle of the table layout.
Change onlyCrap games played with ‘Change Only’ means that cash must be converted into gambling chips, as these must be used for placing any craps bets.
Cheque changePlayers can often split a chip into smaller chip denominations at the cheque change.
Come BetA Come Bet is a type of bet in craps that is exactly like the pass line bet, but is has to be made before the come out roll.
Come Out RollDuring a game of craps, the Come Out Roll refers to the first roll of the dice during a betting round.
Cold DiceSometimes, dice shooters may enter a cold streak where they are not making any of their points.
Colour upPlayers can change their chips to larger denominations in what is referred to as colour up.
Crapless CrapsCrapless craps is a variant of this game where the 2, 3, 11, and 12 are treated as point numbers, same as 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10.
Die Rich CrapsDie Rich Craps is a smaller variant of this game that uses a single die and has far less wagering options.
Don’t Come BetA Don’t Come Bet is a type of don’t pass bet in craps that is made after the come out roll.
Don’t Pass BetA Don’t Pass Bet is the opposite of the Pass Bet. During the come out, the don’t pass bet loses on a seven or eleven, but wins on either a two or three.
Duker or DukeSome craps tables can get more interesting when high-rollers join in and start betting big money. This is referred to as Duke or Duker, and it usually occurs when more than one high betting player are seated at the table, with dealers also ending up using up to four or five denominations of gambling chips.
Double PitchWhen the dice remain on axis, which occurs infrequently (less than 5% of rolls), but one turns two faces more than the other. If players set their dice with the same face, such as a hard ways or 3V set, the roll is almost certain to result in a seven.
EyeballsEyeballs is a term used in craps to refer to rolling two aces or ones for a total of two.
Fever fiveA five-sided roll, often known as five fever.
Free oddsSimply called odds, they are the wagers that can be made or laid on the Pass/Come or Don’t Pass/Don’t Come. These are compensated at genuine parity.
GeorgeA decent tipper.
Hi-Lo-YoTwo, 11, or 12 on a single roll bet
Lay BetA lay bet is a type of craps bet in which a player bets that a seven will be rolled before the point is reached.
Low Limit CrapsAssist individuals in playing their favorite dice game and betting the sums they can afford.
Monster RollThere are two types of monster rolls: those that run longer than twenty minutes, and those in which everyone wins a lot of money.
New York CrapsBank Craps in the Eastern United States, The Bahamas, and England is a popular variation of the game Bank Craps utilizes a different table and structure, referred to as a double-end dealer.
NinaOn the other hand, betting on a nine
Right BettorCraps players that wager on the pass line rather than the don’t pass line are being referred to here.
Seven OutAfter the point has been established, the craps shooter rolls a seven. You can’t shoot again if this happens.
Simplified CrapsCraps in a simple form, with no additional side bets.
Snake EyesTo get snake eyes at craps, you roll two ones or two on the dice.
StickmanThe person at the craps table who is in charge of handing back the dice to the shooter and announcing the outcome of the dice roll. Proposition bets are also placed and paid out by the stickman.
YoYo, or Yo-Eleven, is craps slang for the number eleven to distinguish it from the number seven.

Dice terminology

  • Craps is just one of many games used by dice since ancient times. Here’s what else you need to know about basic Dice terminology:
DoubleWhen a player rolls two dice that land showing the same value, this is known as a Double.
SumThe aggregated results of multiple rolled dice.
SideAlso the name given to any facet of a die.
HeadThe number displayed on the top side when the die is resting.
FootThe number on the bottom of the die that can’t be seen when resting.
CockedWhen a die is displaying an indeterminate result, usually because it has landed on an uneven surface, this is known as a Crocked roll.
RollA Roll is the action of throwing the die during a game, usually performed with the hands.
PipThe small inked holes on the side of traditional dice are known as the Pips and indicate a die’s facet’s value.

Game Shows terminology

  • Game shows have taken the iGaming industry by storm in recent years. Get up to speed with all the useful lingo of this fast-growing segment so that you don’t get left in the dark:
HostYour affable hosts will conduct Game Shoes before your very eyes and even converse in conversation if they’re feeling talkative.
WheelWheels, like the one used in Evolution‘s Dream Catcher, are central to many Game Shows. They bring lucrative multipliers to proceedings while also offering the chance to trigger additional bonus extras.
StreamingGame Shows rely on cutting-edge streaming technology to broadcast games in real-time to players located all over the world.
TV ShowYou’ll find many Game Shows take inspiration from their small-screen counterparts, transporting players straight to the hot seat and allowing them to experience the rush of big money prizes for themselves.

Poker terminology

Ready to play some Poker? Before you do, here are the terms you need to know.

Backdoor When a player makes a hand with the last two cards dealt. This play is often unintentional.
Bad beatAn expression used in poker when a player with a strong hand loses to a player with a weak hand by mere chance or luck of the deal.
Big Blind A forced wager that must be made by the player who is seated in the second position of the round according to action.
Bluff / Bluffing When a player pretends to have a better hand than they do to entice the other player(s) to fold.
Bottom PairA term used when one of the two hole cards match the bottom card on the board.
Call / CallingWhen a player matches the last wager made. *NOTE* You must call in order to raise.
Check RaiseWhen a player checks the previous wager and then raises within the same round of bets.
Community CardsCommunity cards are cards that are dealt face up and used by all players.
CounterfeitCounterfeiting is when a player’s hand isn’t improved by the community cards, making it more difficult for them to hold the best hand in the round.
FlopThe first three community cards placed on the table face-up by the dealer. This action is performed after the initial round of placing wagers. After the flop, another action round of wagering will take place.
FoldWhen a player gives up on a round and forfeits their wagers in the pot.
FoulA hand determined by the dealer as one that cannot be played in this round. A player with a foul hand cannot win any portion of the pot of that round.
Free CardA free card occurs when a player does not have to wager more during the action round before the dealer plays the next card.
High CardWhen there are no matches during the round, the highest card in the round is the winner. If two players have the same high card, they will refer to their next highest card.
HouseThe casino hosting the game or tournament is referred to as the House.
JackpotWhen a player wins a substantial amount of money while playing, it is often referred to as “hitting the jackpot.”
KickerThe hole card that helps determine the winner of a round in case of a tie. For example, both players tie on a pair of Aces, the player with the highest hole card in their hand will be the winner of the round.
LimpWhen a player calls the minimum wager required in order to play in the round.
No LimitWhen players can wager as much as they would like on a game.
NutsWhen a player has the best hand possible in any point of the game.
Off-SuitedWhen a player is dealt two cards of differing suits.
OffsuitWhen cards are of different suits, they are off-suited. The suits are Spades, Diamonds, Hearts, Clubs.
OmahaA poker variation that involves each player receiving four face-down cards and playing with five community cards. Players attempt to make the best hand possible by using two of their face-down cards to go with three of the community cards on the table.
OutrunOutrun or outdraw refers to when a player draws a better hand than their opponent(s).
Over-PairWhen a player has a pocket pair that is higher than any of the community cards on the table.
OvercardA player’s hole card that ranks higher than any of the community cards on the table.
Pay OffWhen a player calls the final round of wagering even if they are unsure they hold the best hand.
Play the BoardWhen a player chooses to play their hand by predominantly using the community cards on the table due to their hand being lower than the cards displayed.
Pre FlopThe initial round of wagering that happens before the flop.
QuadsWhen a player has four of a kind.
RaiseWhen a player increases the previous bet made.
RiverThe community card dealt after the “turn.” This is the final community card shown by the dealer. Afterwards, another round of wagering will take place before the “showdown.”
SharkA very good or skilled poker player.
Showdown / Heads UpThe action that takes place directly after the final round of wagering following the river. Players left in the game will show their hands to determine the winner(s) of the round.
Side CardA side card is also referred to as the kicker. This card will help determine the winner of the round in case of a tie.
Small BlindThe amount placed into the pot by the person directly to the left of the dealer. Blinds are determined by the position of the “button.”
Texas Hold’EmThe most popular and most common poker variation found at casinos. The game is played with each player receiving two hole cards and the dealer displaying five community cards. The players must play both hole cards to create the best hand possible in order to win.
TiltWhen a player begins to play poorly due to lack of judgement and their emotions taking over during the game.
TurnThe fourth face-up community card displayed by the dealer. This round follows the “flop” and comes before the “river.” After the “turn,” another round of wagering will commence.
Under the GunThis is the person that is first to act in the round of wagering.
UnderdogThe player with the worst hand based on probability.
Video PokerA computerized version of a poker game that uses RNG software.

Roulette terminology

Here are the most important Roulette terms you should learn.

Inside betInside Roulette bets are the bets placed on the numbers within the Roulette wheel. These bets have lower odds of winning, but their payout is high.
Outside betA wager that is not an inside wager.
Red or BlackA wager based on the two colors of a roulette wheel (red and black) except for the green zero color. (One-to-one odds)
Odd or EvenA bet on whether an odd or even number will win. (One-to-one odds)
High or LowAn equal-to-one wager on either all low numbers (1-18) or all high numbers (19-36) with the same odds (19-36). (One-to-one odds)
Column BetA stake that covers nearly a third of the wheel and pays out at a 2:1 ratio.
Dozen Bet1-12, 13-24, or 25-36 are the three groupings of 12 numbers that can be bet on. The dozen bet pays off at a 2:1 odds.
Six Line Bet6-number wager that pays out 5:1.
Line BetWith a 16 percent probability of winning, a wager on six numbers and two lines of three numbers on the betting grid pays out 5:1.
Double Street BetA bet consists of four individual bets, two on separate streets, one on a corner bet, and one straight up number.. There are six numbers in a street, each of which pays out 5:1.
Block betCovering a section of the roulette betting area with a large number of numbers.
Five Number BetThe 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 on an American roulette wheel are known as a “numbers bet.” With such poor odds, it’s hard to argue that this is a good wager.
Four Number  BetAs in American Roulette, this wager covers all three zeros on a European Roulette wheel: 0, 1, and 3. This has an 8:1 return.
Corner BetEuropean Roulette offers an 8.1:1 return on four corner bets with a 10.8 percent chance of winning. 
Street BetA street is a group of numbers placed on the roulette wheel’s betting surface. This bet has an 8 percent probability of winning at 11:1 odds.
Split BetA wager on two numbers that are adjacent to one another on the table. The odds on this wager are 17:1.
Straight (up) BetAn all-or-nothing wager pays 35:1.
Single number BetStraight (up) Bet pays 35:1 like Straight (up) Bet.
Bet on the layoutA wager that can be placed anywhere on the table’s numbers.
La PartageRule that all even-money bets are instantly split into two and half your original wager is repaid if the ball lands in zero immediately splits. Even-money wagers now have a house advantage of just 1.35 percent.
En PrisonEven-money wagers were subject to this restriction in French roulette. It is possible for certain online casinos to allow players to either take half their wager or leave it “imprisoned” for another spin when a zero is struck. If the next spin returns a zero, the entire bet is wiped out.
OrphansOn the wheel, a wager on six, 34, and 17 is possible.
Red BetAn Outside Bet with a return of 1 to 1 at even money.
Martingale systemAfter a lost bet, this well-known strategy calls for doubling your stake.
Doubele up systemDouble your wager after each loss with the Martingale strategy.
Negative ProgressionThe Martingale system and Fibonacci are examples of a betting strategy in which you increase your bet after a loss.
Reverse MartingaleFor every loss, you double your wager and for every win, you reduce your stake by one-half.
FibonacciAfter a loss, you increase your bets in an attempt to recoup some of the money you’ve lost.
The James Bond strategyA roulette strategy based on three bets that cover more than 67% of the possible outcomes.
Positive ProgressionWhen you win a bet, you increase your bet.
Visual Wheel TrackingMeasuring a roulette wheel’s spin speed and attributes in order to get an advantage and anticipate where it is likely to fall
American RouletteA version with two zero pockets, a “0” and a “00,” as well as the numbers 1-36 included. In comparison to European roulette, the house has a bigger advantage in American roulette.
European RouletteA version that has only one zero in the pocket. Roulette in its earliest form.
French RouletteEuropean Roulette with the possibility of La Partage and En Prison.
Card RouletteA variation that employs a conventional deck of cards with two jokers. Between European roulette and American roulette, the house edge is the same.
Double Ball RouletteTwo balls instead of one are used in this variation of European roulette.
Lightning RoulettePlayers can enjoy the thrill of conventional roulette with the extra bonus of increasing their earnings in a new twist on the game. Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts are generated at random, giving players more opportunities to win (multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x and 500x)
Mini RouletteA smaller wheel with only 13 digits is available as an alternative (0-12).

Slots terminology

Slots are the most popular type of online casino game in PA. Here are all the terms you need to know about.

All WaysAs the name suggests, this is a slot with paylines that go both ways. Typically, these are video games played online, and participants perceive them to be extremely lucrative.
Annuity WinnerA slot jackpot that is paid out over a period of time. It is possible to win a jackpot that is paid out in one lump payment.
AWPClassic slots featuring fruit symbols are referred to as ‘Amusement with Prizes’
Buy a PayThe highest prizes on some slots are only available if you wager a particular amount. To compete for the grand prize, one must purchase the right to do so. See buying a feature in comparison.
Buy a FeaturePayouts are similar in that they allow players to access restricted features in some slot games.
Bet MaxThe maximum amount of money that can be wagered.
Bet MinThe minimum amount of money that can be wagered.
Branded SlotsAnimated slot games based on well-known brands. Branded slots contain characters from popular television shows, movies, and books.
CashbackRegular players might earn money back as a kind of cashback. Depending on the circumstances, it can be a typical casino promotion, a perk for members of a loyalty program, or a prize for those with a slots club card.
CompsRegular slot players are eligible for a variety of rewards. Freebies at land-based casinos would include things like free hotel rooms and meals, but those at online casinos are more likely to include things like comp points.
Certified SlotsThose are the slots that have a guaranteed RTP of at least 98% to 100%. As a rule, they are clearly marked.
Coin SlotFor the time being, a coin-operated slot It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find slot machines with this type of theme.
DropsSymbols fall into position instead of spinning on a slot machine’s reels.
Free SpinsA free spins bonus is one of the most prevalent types of in-game rewards when playing slots. Bonus rounds can be triggered by scatter symbols and provide you free spins with winnings based on your previous bet. Some casinos feature an additional bonus as part of their new player welcome package in online gambling.
Free-to-PlayWhen you visit a land-based casino, you may get the opportunity to check out slots for free, which are referred to as “free play.” Free slot demonstrations are more commonly used in online casinos than in brick-and-mortar establishments.
Fixed Value SlotsSlots in which the total wager is fixed and you cannot adjust the quantity or denomination of coins bet.
Five LinerA traditional slot with 5 paylines rather than 1. Typically, there are two diagonals and three horizontals.
Hit FrequencyWhen it comes to slots, the hit rate is a theoretical number that tells you how often you can anticipate to get lucky. Games with a lower hot frequency will have a higher frequency of payouts, but smaller ones. Inseparable from variation and extremely difficult to evaluate.
Hot SlotsFast and frequent payouts can be found in those games. Theoretically, since each game’s random number generator (RNG) is preprogrammed to award a specific percentage of wins, it will eventually do so. However, locating the hot slots is no longer regarded to be a realistic technique for many online poker players.
HopperA receptacle holding coins that can be withdrawn from land-based slots. Although it is no longer used in most modern computers, it can be found in older models.
Hammer a MachinePlaying the same slot again in an attempt to win a progressive jackpot or get on a winning streak is known as “repetition.”
Loose SlotSlots lingo that refers to a game that has a tendency to pay out a lot of money. Similar to the hot slots.
LeverInstead of ‘Spin’ buttons, old-school slots have levers. Because they lack mechanical components, they are no more than a button in most current video slots.
Linked Progressive JackpotA progressive jackpot slot network that connects many casinos. As more and more people place wagers on any of the linked progressive slots, the prize amount grows larger.
NudgeA bonus feature that would allow you to change the position of the slot reels. However, it is more common in online slots than in UK fruit machines.
One-Armed BanditName for slots in the past. Classic slots with levers are often associated with this term.
Payback PercentageReturn To Player.
PaytablePayout table is another name for this. You may see how much money you can win by getting the right symbol combinations.
Primary JackpotThe most money you can win on a slot is this.
Penny SlotsMachines on land with low bet levels — in this example, based on pennies. If there is more than one payline, you will almost always have to play far more than a penny to activate them all.
ReelsThe symbols are shown on rotating drums that revolve in unison. Although modern slots can have any number of reels, most are 3- and 5-reel machines.
RowsThe slot screen’s horizontal lines of symbolism. The number of active paylines, not the number of rows, is what matters in slot games.
Slot tournamentA game of chance in which participants compete against each other on slots. Some of the more frequent formats and rules for slot tournaments are listed in our guide to playing slots.
Streaky SlotsSlots that are said to have varying degrees of success. Modern RNG software has made it more difficult for streaky slots to exist.
SpinWhen you press the spin button, the slots will go through one round of spinning. Classic slots had a lever that was replaced by a button.
SymbolsOn the slot reels, the symbols. When playing a slot, not only is the visual appeal vital, but so is the gaming aspect. Numerous peculiar symbols can be seen in today’s video slots.
Total BetAll of the money you’ve put into the game.
TrailGames with this functionality include some slots. As the game progresses, the player will be able to unlock more prizes.
Tumbling ReelsCascading reels are shown.
VarianceVolatility is referred to as this.
VolatilityThe volatility of a slot game, also known as variance, can be high, medium, or low. Low-volatility slots are considered low-risk since they pay out frequently, but the winnings are lower. As a result, you’re more likely to walk away empty-handed if you play high-volatility slots. Visit our page on slot volatility for more information.
Wild SymbolA joker is a special slot symbol that can substitute for any other sign. When it appears on a payline, it can fill in for a symbol that has fallen out of place. With wilds, the player has a better chance of making a winning combination.
Wild MultiplierA multiplier and a wild card in one.
Wide Are Progressive (WAP)Those WAP jackpot slots are part of a network of slots throughout a large area, all linked together in a single pot for jackpot wins. The payouts in these games are typically larger – most online progressive jackpot slots may be classified as WAP.
Win-Both-WaysIf you’re looking for games with multiple ways to win, look no further than “multi-way slots.”

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