Baccarat Strategies

Find the best baccarat strategy for you

There are ten possible hand values in online Baccarat, and they range from 0 to 9. Your aim in Baccarat is to score a nine or close to it. While the game's results are random, a baccarat strategy can help a player plan his game and improve the chances of winning.

What’s in this Guide?

  1. Why should I use a baccarat betting strategy? 
  2. Most popular baccarat strategies 
  3. Which winning baccarat strategies should I choose? 
  4. Baccarat: short or long-term strategy? 
  5. Baccarat tips to avoid general beginner mistakes

Why should I use a baccarat betting strategy? 

While the shuffling of the cards reveals random cards on the table, there are still ways to improve your odds of winning. One approach is to use a betting strategy when playing Baccarat in the real money mode. Also, a baccarat betting strategy lets you manage your bankroll and help you play responsibly.

Can one baccarat strategy to win ensure me a victory? 

Like most casino games, the results in every baccarat round are at random, with some elements of skills helping the player increase his odds of winning. For example, the standard house edge and the traditional 5% commission on the winning Banker’s bet push the game in favor of the house. But with the right baccarat strategy in place, the player efficiently manages the house edge. It may not guarantee a winning bet every round, but a tested system increases one’s odds of winning a payout.

Compared to poker or blackjack, baccarat strategies aren’t as complex and detailed. In this game, you will not be able to influence the card’s arrangement or whether the hand takes a card or stands. Instead, most online baccarat strategies focus on the types of bets to play on each round and how you behave after collecting a win or series of wins.

1. The one-sided baccarat strategy 

The one-sided baccarat strategy works as advertised: the player focuses on just one bet. The aim here is to stick on either the Banker or the player. And a set, a stop loss of three in a row. If that happens, wait for your bet to win again before continuing your betting plan.

1. Easy rules to follow
2. Player has a 3 in 1 chance of winning on each round
1. Player must set a stop-loss
2. Player can’t put his money on the Tie bet

2. The trend switch combat baccarat 

In this popular baccarat strategy to win, you switch from one trend to the next. Here, you start flat betting on one bet, and when you lose twice, you jump to the next betting option.

1. You can profit from two possible betting options1. Player must pay attention to the trends
2. Stop loss should be wide 

3. Breaking the doubles strategy 

With ‘breaking the doubles‘, the Player is betting the opposites, such as a Player-Banker-Player-Banker. The aim is to achieve a double streak, such as a Banker-Banker-Banker or Player-Player-Player.

1. A fun strategy based on the zigzag pattern2. You need to double down if you miss the target

4. Card counting in Baccarat? 

Among the top casino card strategies, the card counting technique is arguably the most exciting and popular. If you’re a fan of Hollywood movies, you have undoubtedly been introduced to films like ’21’ that feature the strategy. In this baccarat strategy, you keep track of the cards dealt on the table and keep a running count. With this technique, you add a point for an Ace, 2 or 3, and add ‘4‘ if the card’s a 4.

You take out a point if the card is a 5, 7 and 8 and deduct two points if the card is a ‘6‘. As you will notice, 10-value cards are ignored. According to this baccarat strategy, you put your money on the Player if the running total is +16 or go to the Banker’s side if your count is below this number.

1. Helps the player keep track of the cards on the table
2. Helps minimize the house edge
3. Offers a more systematic way of planning one’s bet
1. Not as effective when used in online Baccarat
2. A complicated betting strategy
3. Requires focus, takes time to master

5. 1-3-2-4 baccarat strategy 

The 1-2-3-4 baccarat strategy features a simple take on the game where you increase your bet after each win. If you lose, return to your base bet.

1. Simple strategy best for beginners
2. Players efficiently manage their losses
1. Does not change the house edge
2. Not recommended for serious real money play
Baccarat Betting system
Baccarat Betting system

Which winning baccarat strategies should I choose? 

You can consider different baccarat strategies when playing the game in real money. These betting strategies for Baccarat focus on how to plan your bet, but differ in approach and risk level. Therefore, a winning baccarat strategy depends on your playing style, skills, and risk level.

Best strategies for a beginnerBest strategies for a pro
1-2-3-4 Baccarat Strategy – Increase your bet for each winCard Counting – Track the cards as they are dealt on the table
One-Sided Baccarat Strategy – You pick a side and stick with itTrend Switch – Players will shift from one trend to the next

Baccarat strategies for beginners 

  • 1-2-3-4 Baccarat Strategy – You just increase your wager every time you win
  • One-Sided Baccarat Strategy – Only one bet to worry about

Baccarat Strategies for advanced Player 

  • Card Counting – Player needs to keep a running count of cards
  • Trend Switch – Requires focus to keep up with the trends
  • Breaking the doubles – Like trend switch, patience is needed to break the doubles 

Baccarat: short or long-term strategy? 

Whether to go for a short or long-term strategy eventually depends on the bankroll size and your objective. With a small bankroll and limited budget, it’s better to look for a short-term baccarat strategy. But if you’re for the long haul and with a bigger budget to play with, a long-term strategy is better. Whatever your approach is, make sure to set limits and play responsibly.

Baccarat tips to avoid general beginner mistakes

1. Not knowing all the concepts related to the game

In every casino game, it’s best to know and follow the rules. So a great approach is to start playing the game’s free demo version to explore its rules and betting options.

2. Using an inadequate strategy for their level or game variant

Be sure the strategy you choose fits the game variant you use and your player level. For example, there are baccarat strategies that work for beginners, and there are some strategies, too, for advanced players.

3. Not collecting the best casino bonuses for Baccarat

You can boost your bankroll and play some rounds risk-free by signing up for rewarding promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

While a strategy is not required, using one will improve your chances and protect your bankroll.
There are different baccarat strategies popular today, but one of the most common is the One-Sided Baccarat Strategy. It is an excellent start for the beginner since you're just focusing on one side or bet.
In the baccarat card counting strategy, you need to track the cards dealt on the table and come up with a running count.