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We'll demystify eChecks in this review

Perhaps one of the most obscure casino payment methods are eChecks. What are they, exactly? And most importantly, are they a good method for banking on casino sites?

eChecks Casino – The Home of Next-Gen Payments

An eChecks casino is nothing more than a site accepting the electronic version of the classic paper check. In this case, no physical visits to the bank are required. The money is withdrawn from your checking account, transferred over the ACH network, and deposited in your casino account.

ACH is the acronym for “Automated Clearing House”, and the main advantage of using this payment method is that commissions are sometimes lower than wire transfers. Sounds like a good fit? Let’s find out more in this eChecks review.

What Are The Top Five eChecks Casinos?

The best eChecks casino sites in PA

Many online casinos accepting eChecks are available on the internet. But here are the best eChecks casinos in PA:

  1. BetMGM
  2. BetRivers
  3. Unibet
  4. Borgata Online
  5. DraftKings

PA is home to more online casinos than the ones named above. Please visit our casino reviews page for a complete view of what’s on offer.

Why Do Echecks Work In Casinos? 

This payment method is convenient for both casinos and players.This is because it transfers between your bank account and the casino through the ACH network.

eChecks casino payments are very fast because there is less bureaucracy involved, and, most importantly, you don’t give information to third parties such as e-wallets.

It also offers benefits, such as depositing a larger amount than with credit cards, and commissions are generally lower than other payment methods.

Is It Safe To Pay With My eChecks At A Casino?

eChecks are now a staple of eCommerce, including casino sites. They are one of the safest payment methods available.

  • eChecks are processed within your bank with the strictest controls a bank has
  • Since there are no middlemen, eChecks are one of the safest methods available
  • Casinos get eChecks directly in their bank account and comply with advanced security features such as 128-bit encryption.
    • A KYC (Know Your Customer) policy requires casinos to verify your personal data. This means you’ll eventually need to provide an ID. The EU enacted this in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
    • I only promote licensed, safe casinos.

How To Use Echecks At Online Casinos?

You simply select eChecks and provide your bank details, including the amount to deposit/withdraw. You will eventually be asked to confirm the transaction. That’s it! Even if you are new to eChecks casinos, you’ll not struggle to find your way.

Fees On Deposit And Withdrawals At eChecks Casinos

As eChecks are so convenient, casinos usually don’t charge extra fees when using this method. However, you should always check their FAQs and terms, just in case. Your bank will charge a fee, which is generally low. You should check this amount with your bank.

Deposit And Withdraw Your Winnings Using eChecks

This is how you deposit money using eChecks:

  • Go to the deposit section on your casino account
  • Select eCheck
  • Provide your bank details (bank name, account number, etc.)
  • Enter your deposit amount
  • The operator will contact your bank
  • Confirm the transaction

Funds will be available in your casino account when you confirm the transaction. To withdraw money:

  • Go to the withdrawal section on your casino account
  • Choose eCheck
  • Enter the amount to withdraw (consider what’s the withdrawal limit)
  • Enter your bank details

That’s all you need to do. Some casinos will take a few days to send the money, though.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using eChecks At Online Casinos?

Safe eChecks casinos also have some downsides. Here are some pros and cons of eChecks:

One of the most secure payment methods availableWithdrawing can take days
Low feesDeposits and withdrawals require you to input bank data each time
High deposit/withdrawal limits 
No need to reveal personal information to third parties
Many US casino sites accept them

eChecks vs. Other Payment Methods 

eChecks are a safe way to transfer funds and offer certain advantages over other methods. For instance, MasterCard is also safe but generally has lower transfer limits than eChecks. This makes eChecks very useful when you want to make a large deposit in your casino account.

echecks casino - other payment methods
How eChecks casinos fare against other payment options

E-wallets such as PayPal are a good payment choice and generally faster at withdrawals than eChecks. But with payment options such as these, costs are higher, and unless you use your PayPal balance, you will eventually need to get the money to your account. Using eChecks eliminates all of this process.

A choice that is currently very popular are cryptocurrencies. Unlike eChecks, they protect your privacy, and limits are also high. The problem is that they’re notorious for their volatility, which means you might lose money when purchasing them.

Here’s an overview of some features of the different methods:

Instant banking
High transfer limits

What If I Have Issues Using eChecks At Online Casinos?

The best course of action is to contact the site’s support team whenever you’re having problems in an online casino. However, with eChecks, the issue might also be with your bank account. Here are some common questions and issues and what to do about them:

  1. I can’t withdraw my winnings. 

Contact the casino support team.

  1. I can’t remove eCheck from my account.

This won’t be an issue since you need to input the information each time.

  1. I can’t verify my eCheck account.

There’s no extra verification since the bank has already verified your data.

  1. I can’t change my eCheck details. 

eCheck details are given each time, so this won’t be an issue.

  1. I can’t deposit with my eCheck. 

Check that you have available funds in your bank account. If so, contact your bank for support.

Do I Need More Tips Before Choosing This Payment Method?

Some additional things are good to know before selecting eChecks. Some things to consider:

  1. Check if eChecks are excluded from the payment methods available for the bonuses you want to claim.
  2. Make sure you can withdraw your winnings using eChecks.
  3. Consider the fees your bank charges for eChecks.
  4. Check how long it will take for funds to be available in your account after requesting a withdrawal.
  5. Remember to have all your bank details (account number, routing number, etc.) to hand when using this method.

Conclusion – Why Echecks Are Worth Using 

eChecks casinos are among the safest choices when paying and withdrawing online. With low commissions, fees, higher limits and the fact that no third parties are involved make it a solid choice, it’s hard to find a payment method that fares better overall.

However, if you’re looking for fast withdrawals, it would be best to check other methods. PayPal, Mastercard and other similar alternatives offer quicker settlement when you move your funds around online.

Frequently Asked Questions

eChecks are the electronic version of checks. Instead of writing the information on paper, you provide it electronically through an eCheck authorization form.
Withdrawals usually take days and are a bit slower overall than other banking methods, such as credit cards.
Yes, they have all the elements paper checks have, including routing and account numbers, signature (electronic in this case), amount, the recipient and check number.
You will probably be charged a penalty if you don't have enough funds and an eCheck bounces. Contact your bank regarding penalty fees.