Twitch to ban streaming from unlicensed casino sites

by Pride
Published 30/09/2022

The Amazon-owned video streaming network, Twitch, has announced that it’ll ban all casino video streaming content from unregulated sites. The move will take effect from the 18th of December and is expected to heavily impact Curacao-regulated sites like on the site. 

The banning of unlicensed sites – a long  time coming 

The recent move by Twitch to ban unlicensed casino content is not unexpected. In fact, the sector has been plagued by controversy since 2016, when Twitch issued a notice encouraging promoters of skin betting sites to stop. 

The casino referral link ban went into effect on 17 August 2021

Recently, Twitch set firm rules and cracked down on sharing referral codes to promote slots, dice games, and roulette. But in a statement, the streaming service expressed dismay, saying;

“some people circumvent these rules and expose our community to potential harm.”

Next steps 

Twitch has now taken the stern position of banning streaming from unregulated sites. These are sites not licensed because they cannot meet spelled-out regulatory requirements. Twitch said it would move in to,

“prohibit streaming of gambling sites that include slots, roulette or dice games that aren’t licensed either in the US or other jurisdictions that provide sufficient customer protection.”

What does this mean for PA players? 

The looming update will definitely impact some content from unregulated casinos on Twitch. But the result will be a safe streaming environment supported by regulated casinos in the US

For too long, players have been getting the short end of the stick. Some reports even allege that dubious sites have bankrolled streamers to wager vast sums of money, enticing viewers to do the same.