Pennsylvania to start accepting online operator’s license applications

by Pride
Published 03/01/2023

Key takeaways

  • PA taking out-of-state operator license applications
  • 12 new licenses available 
  • Massive potential for growth in the PA gambling market

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board recently announced that it will start accepting applications for out-of-state operator licenses for the first time. Currently, online casino operators can only access the PA market if they are attached to a retail site already present in the state. 

New online operator licenses on the cards 

According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, the state still has 12 licenses available, each costing $4 million. Operators from out of state can apply and be granted Qualified Gaming Entity status, affording them the ability to take part in the PA market. 

Of the 12 certificates on offer, three are for online slots, three for bank table games, and the remainder for non-bank table games. 

About the Pennsylvania gambling market 

Gambling activity was legalized in Pennsylvania in 2017 when Gov. Tom Wolfe signed into law HB 271. PA became the fourth state to legalize, and the market has grown immensely ever since. 

The introduction of out-of-state operator licenses is another welcome measure that will lead to the further expansion of the PA igaming industry. Players can look forward to better promotions as competition increases and operators potentially enjoy lesser overheads.