Poker Strategies

Learn how to win at poker and win BIG too

Poker strategies are one of the best ways to conquer the game and improve your skills. Once you grasp all the poker betting strategies, you'll spend your money wiser and make it to the final table. In this review, we've included poker tips for beginners and boosts for veterans. Let's get started!

Why Should I Use Poker Strategies?

It takes time and practice to be good at any game, more so with online poker. And if your goal is to play well, you can only do so with video poker strategies.

Can a poker strategy ensure a victory?

Poker strategies help improve your chances, but it isn’t a surefire way to win. And although online poker winning strategies are designed to reduce the house edge, they don’t eliminate it. Keep this in mind on your next attempt to beat the odds.

Do I Need To Choose A Playing Style Before A Poker Strategy?

Before sticking to a strategy, pick a play style first. There are four different play styles, each one consisting of different ways to play the game. Are you a more careful gamer or are you more aggressive? Take a look below to see what kind of play style suits you.

Tight (TAG)

This type of gameplay is an aggressive one. Players with this style are very particular with their starting hand. They will play aggressively if they have confidence in their hand.

Loose (LAG)

LAGs are careful players that use a lot of hands to secure a win. They’ll most likely lose but will become big winners once they start winning.


Also known as aggressive, they play incredibly aggressively with big bets. This can be rather relentless and even make no sense at some points.


A skilled play style that always plays the long game to wait for the big move. They can hardly win anything but can win big once they see an opening.

Standard Poker Strategies

poker betting system infographic
There are four main types of playing styles in poker

A lot of the most basic online poker strategies are all about controlling your bets. A lot of strategies require you to know when to place specific bets and to get your timing correctly. Below are the basic steps that you can follow.

When to start raising?

To raise effectively, you’ll need to have a strong hand. Raising is a good way to help secure your position by forcing other players into the game or making them fold. Players should also increase if they’re looking to steal blinds.

Hand example

  • $25/$50 full-ring game.
  • You’re playing from a late position.
  • Your hand is A♦J♦.
  • The flop is 2♦8♠K♣.

In this situation, you should raise after the flop.

When to make a call?

Calling is when you can stay in the game. If you feel as though you can keep up, make your call. For example, the other cards revealed have given you two pairs which can be very lucky.

Hand example

  • $50/$100 full-ring game.
  • You’re playing from a late position.
  • Your hand is 10♣A♦.
  • The flop is 10♦6♠2♠.

In this situation, you should call.

different types of bets in poker
Poker strategies help you improve your chances

Understanding the Pot odds you have

The pot odds calculate the ratio between the size of the pot and how much you need to bet. If you believe you can keep up with how much needs to go in the pot, you can continue. If not, then the total pot may not be worth it.

Two Types of Online Poker Winning Strategies

The next two strategies we’ll discuss are the main methods of how to win at poker. Once the poker tips for beginners are sorted, these methods can take you that step further. Take a look to see if you can handle it.

GTO vs Exploitative

GTO strategyExploitative Strategy
GTO stands for Game Theory Optimal. This strategy is about finding the best path and sticking to it against new and regular players.This technique is risky and more intuitive. It’s about looking at your players and exploiting their play styles to turn them against each other.

Which Kind of Strategy Should I Choose?

Below is how you can best decide on which of the video poker strategies you should choose first. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you know what you are doing.

Best Strategy for BeginnersBest Strategies for ProBest Poker Tournament Strategy
Tag, LooseRock, passiveAggressive

Best Baccarat Strategies for Beginners

  • 1-3-2-4 Baccarat Strategy – The great thing about the 1-3-2-4 is that as long as you win the first two bets (1 in 4), you’re guaranteed an overall profit, even if the third bet loses.
  • One-Sided Baccarat Strategy – In Baccarat, there’s a close chance that either the dealer or the banker will win a hand. With this Baccarat strategy, players get to pick a side (Player or Dealer) each one having a high possibility of winning multiple hands in a row.
Baccarat betting system infographic

Best Baccarat Strategies for Veterans

  • Double Bet – Double your bets during losing streaks so that a single win can make up the difference.
  • Card Counting – You need to keep a running count of all dealt cards.
  • No Tie Bets – Try not to bet on ties so that you can save your money for better chances.

Poker Tournament Strategies

  • Stealing – Save your best hand for when the pot grows larger, but don’t go overboard.
  • Blind Defense – Stay on the defensive so that you can hold out in the long game.
  • Don’t Continuation Bet Every Time – You don’t have to continue in every game, so long as you have enough to make it through the matches.

In Poker… Short or Long-Term Strategy?

This can entirely depend on what kind of player you are and what you feel comfortable with. Short-term play is all about getting some wins in quickly but risking more losses. Long-term play is about waiting for the right opportunity to win big at the end. Sometimes a longer-term strategy can create more enjoyment and offer the biggest payout.

Poker Strategies to Avoid Common Mistakes

  • Overplaying Hands – Don’t try to play every hand you have. Not every hand will be a winner.
  • Acting Fast – Don’t be too hasty with what you have. Best to wait for all revealed cards before deciding.
  • Ignoring Players – Always take a look at your opponents. This can let you get a hint of what they have.

Final Thoughts on Poker Strategies

There are so many poker betting strategies to look at. A lot of them can be overwhelming at times, as you’ll need to really pay attention to the rules. Once you have the right idea, it can get easier the longer you play. It’s all about getting that experience and trying out different styles. What better way to find your own winning strategy than to try it out yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions

There are four play styles to choose from. Tight, Loose, Aggressive, and Passive. Choose one based on your preference.
The basics you should know about include calling, raising, and understanding Pot odds. Learn these basics to move on to more advanced stuff.
GTO is preferred for players who can work on the best optimal course. Exploitative is for those willing to take more risks through player analysis.
Sometimes you can apply the same rules to games that have similar bet styles. This can include being more careful with your bet or being more aggressive if you have a confident hand.