Allegations of cheating rock the live poker streaming world

by Pride
Published 10/10/2022

Garett Adelstein recently came out guns blazing, accusing Robbi Jade Lew, RIP, and a live poker room employee of running a cheating ring. The incident occurred at a recently held Hustler Casino Live streaming event held on September 29, and gained more traction after Hustler Casino Live Stream dismissed the employee for removing $15,000 in chips from Robbi’s stack.

Garett’s statement

Garrett posted on the 2+2 forum after the event saying;

I can again say with great confidence that Robbi was very likely part of a cheating ring of at least three members, including her, RIP, Bryan and potentially others. 

 Although I have strong suspicions of many hands that were cheated and the specific methodology and roles of each member of the cheating ring, my legal team has advised me to leave this information out of this initial report.

I may choose to disclose additional information in the future if this story continues to be derailed.”

Lew pays back winnings

In a strange development after the game, Robbi returned winnings from the hand to Garrett, an amount totalling $135,000. She also took to twitter and various other poker podcast forums to plead here innocence.

A statement from Robbi stated that,;

“My accusers, having now exhausted buzzing seats, camera rings, microphone water bottles, and other spy paraphernalia, have now moved on to me having an alleged conspiring relationship with someone I don’t know…who, in fact, stole from me.”

How online casinos ensure game fairness

Online casinos use random number generators to create hand outcomes. These RNGs can’t be easily manipulated and anyone found doing so would lose their gaming license.

Even managing your funds is straightforward when you play online. There is no way you can find $15,000 unaccounted for when you are dealing with regulated sites.