Smoking ban looming in PA casinos

by Pride
Published 15/10/2022

The height of the Covid pandemic saw many walk-in casinos in PA going smoke-free. Research shows that this did not hurt the bottom line and many employees enjoyed the “clearer” working environment. But as things return to normal, some casinos are relaxing these rules.

CEASE pushing for an all-out ban on smoking in casinos

Casinos Employees Against Smoking Effects (CEASE) was started in 2021 after casinos in Atlantic City reintroduced indoor smoking. The group lobbies for a smoke-free working environment and works with public health advocacy groups.

“We’re making it easy for workers who may be nervous about speaking up to finally take that first step to stop choosing between their health and a paycheck,” said Naccarelli, one of CEASE’s founding members. “We are sick and tired of risking our health over the false perception that casinos will make more money by brushing aside our legitimate concerns. No casino in America should have indoor smoking, period.”

Cries for a ban on smoking in casinos getting louder

CEASE members featured in the keynote speech at the recently held 2022 Indiana Commercial Tobacco Control Partner X-Change. The group is also encouraging conservation in other states, including Pennsylvania.

“While we’ve gotten 90 yards down the field with New Jersey legislators and still have more work to do to get our bills across the goal line, we have learned a lot over the last 16 months that we want to share with our peers across the country,” said White. “We’ll do anything we can to ensure that no casino worker has to breathe secondhand smoke at their job ever again. Those days will soon be over.”

The best casinos for smokers in PA

Must these developments faze PA casino players? Not at all – not even if they smoke. PA is an online casino gaming state, where all legal online play is regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

This means you do not need to visit a walk-in casino to enjoy slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, or even live games in PA. All these options are available online. and you can play from your desktop or mobile phone.