Dark King Forbidden Riches
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Dark King Forbidden Riches

Provider: NetEnt

Dark King: Forbidden Riches is a five-reel, 20 payline slot from NetEnt with a dark, foreboding take on your traditional slot experience. In this review, we’ll go over what makes this slot so unique, as well as show you what you can expect going in - will you defeat this evil entity and claim the riches of a king?


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Dark King Forbidden Riches Review

ArgumentDecent game, great atmosphere, and music
Game NameDark King: Forbidden Riches
Game TypeVideo Slot
  • Free Spins
  • Wild Multipliers
  • Sticky Wild Hotspots
  • Scatter Bonuses
Min Bet (all lines covered)$0.25
Max Bet$500
Supporting CurrenciesEUR, USD
Top Win2000x

How We Tested Dark King: Forbidden Riches

We found the game on NetEnt’s website, where they provide a play-for-free version.

After going through the rules and getting all the info we needed to fill out our table, we queued up 500 autoplay spins to test functionality and hit frequency. 

As we played, we kept an eye out for how often the bonus feature triggered, as well as how often bigger payouts were issued.

This way, we could report to you exactly how it feels to play, and you can trust that we understand how this game will treat your pocketbook.  

Play Dark King: Forbidden Riches with the Best Bonus

Since this is a NetEnt slot, you’d best believe it’s been distributed to a vast number of operators. To list just a few, Dark King: Forbidden Riches is available at SugarHouse, BetRivers, Hollywood, and Unibet. 

Hollywood and Unibet both have no deposit offers you can claim to get started with, both $10. Just use our links below to claim your money! 

Dark King: Forbidden Riches Symbols and Payouts

Dark King: Forbidden Riches has three symbol types: basic/premium multipliers, wilds, and scatter bonuses.

When you activate the feature, wilds in certain areas on your reels will become sticky wilds. 

The Symbols

Your basic multipliers are Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10, stylized to fit the slot’s medieval theme.

Their multipliers can range from .25x on the lowest match, to 5x at the highest.

Your premium multipliers are a range of knights, plague doctors, and demons. The green-armored plague doctor is your lowest premium symbol, and the golden skull knight is the highest.

Their payouts can range anywhere from 1x your bet, all the way up to 25x. 

Dark King: Forbidden Riches Slot Symbols

Wilds are represented by blue orbs and have extra mechanics associated with them that we will explain in more detail later. They can take the place of any tile except a scatter bonus tile to achieve a match.

Matches involving wilds hold the same value as matches with the spear-crowned King, ranging from a 1x to a 25x multiplier. 

Scatter bonus tiles are shown here as imposing red jewels set into a skull-adorned holder.

If you spin three of these simultaneously it will trigger this game’s free spin feature, as well as make part of the board a Sticky Wild Hotspot for the remainder of those spins. 

Dark King: Forbidden Riches Slot Symbols


Here’s the paytable for Dark King: Forbidden Riches. As you can see, a lot of detail went into the art for this game. Be on the lookout for wilds, as they add much more value to your match than it may seem at first glance. 

Dark King: Forbidden Riches Paytable
Dark King: Forbidden Riches Paytable

Min/Max Bets and Autoplay

The minimum bet to cover all lines is $0.25, and the maximum is $500.

This means that with the maximum multiplier of 2000x, you will win at least $500 if you bet the minimum, and if you bet the maximum you will win $1 million.

The autoplay feature on Dark King: Forbidden Riches allows you to set your own rules for when the reel will stop.

You can set up to 1,000 auto-spins that will stop if you win/lose a preset amount, if the feature triggers, on any win, or if a single win exceeds another preset amount. 


The RTP on this reel is 96.06%, just below the industry standard of 96.50%.

NetEnt does rigorous fairness testing on all of their games and doesn’t provide multiple versions with fluctuating RTPs, so if you play this reel it will always have the same RTP at every casino. 


NetEnt does not provide exact volatility for this reel, instead saying it has medium-to-high volatility.

This means that you will often go long periods between bigger wins, though the hit frequency of this game means that you’ll be seeing lower-paying hits frequently in comparison. 

Hit Frequency

NetEnt also does not provide a hit frequency for this title. To test hit frequency, we did 100 test spins and got a match on 33 of them.

This means there is about a ⅓ chance of getting a match on any given spin, a hit frequency of 33%.

Jackpot and/or Maximum Win

There is no jackpot in Dark King: Forbidden Riches, but there is a maximum win of 2000x.

This requires you to land five simultaneous sticky wilds during the feature and land the highest scoring match in every other space. 

Dark King Provides Great Value

This slot may not have the largest max win, and it may not have extraordinary volatility, but the hit frequency more than makes up for these downsides.

If you’re looking to score big wins consistently then you may only want to give this slot a glance, but if you’re looking for a reel that creates a sound atmosphere and promises consistent matches, then this slot will be great for you.

Game Features

Dark King: Forbidden Riches only has one bonus round, triggered by the scatter bonus tiles, but that doesn’t mean it’s low on mechanics.

Here’s how the special tiles interact with your game.

Wilds and Multipliers

Wilds are represented by large blue orbs and can take the place of any tile except for a scatter bonus to form a match.

When you first start playing, you may notice this line of faces on an altar at the bottom of your screen:

These faces mark how many wilds you have on your reels at the time.

For every wild beyond the first, they will light up and flip to multipliers.

Landing two simultaneously earns you a 2x multiplier, landing three earns you a 3x multiplier, all the way up to 5x. 

Wilds are also important in this game’s feature, where Sticky Wild Hotspots are placed in a plus sign shape in the middle of the reels.

Each wild landed in this space during this time stays on the reel and gives you another free spin up to five times.

Free Spins and Features

This title has only one feature. It’s triggered when you land three or more scatter bonus symbols at the same time.

Three scatters will get you 10 free spins, four will get you 12, and five will get you 15.

During these free spins, there will be a cross-shaped Sticky Wild Hotspot area in the middle of your reels.

Any wild tiles that you land within this cross will stay there until the end of your free spins, and each sticky wild will also give you one additional free spin up to a maximum of five.

Wilds landed outside of this cross are re-spun and do not offer extra free spins.

Dark King: Forbidden Riches Free Spins

Scarce Features, Scare Opportunities

When we tested this game, we queued up 500 auto-spins so we could hopefully experience the entire game, plus an additional 100 spins to calculate hit frequency.

We did not activate the feature a single time. 

The scatter symbols are not frequent at all, so don’t rely on them if you’re looking to win big in this game. Look more towards decent multiplier matches with multiple wilds on-board if you want to rake in the big bucks.

Graphics and Sound

Optimized for Mobile👍 
MusicDark, Gothic Themes

Evil Wins The Day

Dark King: Forbidden Riches’ graphics and sound are what makes the slot.

The graphics around the reel’s edge may not be anything to write home about, but the premium multipliers and the wild altar are dark and imposing in all the right ways. 

The music boosts the game to the next level. It’s at once epic, dark, and brooding.

It feels like you’re always on the precipice of danger when you spin.

Will this be the start of your riches?

Or will it be your ruin?

The music grants every spin that level of gravitas. 

Game Issues and Support

We didn’t encounter any issues during our time with this game.

If you do, most online casinos in PA offer numerous customer support options through their website.

Rules concerning malfunctions will vary from casino to casino.


Dark King: Forbidden Riches may not bring any new mechanics to the table, but what it does provide is a solid game with a more than solid atmosphere to back it up.

The hit frequency makes every spin thrilling and satisfying, even if the volatility means you won’t get big wins that often.

With a few more features and possibly a few extra animations, this slot could be good enough to be a modern classic.