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Provider: Everi

Based on a popular physical slot machine, Meltdown online slot is Everi's attempt to popularize it with gamblers worldwide. The 'atomic reactor' theme is a hot alternative to other 3-reel slots. In our review, you can learn about where to play Meltdown online. We also talk about Meltdown slot volatility, RTP, payouts, and other features.

Meltdown Review

  • Few features, high energy!
  • Land some wilds and get unique payouts
  • Five guaranteed wins during the re-spins round
  • Hit a jackpot of 12,000 coins

Meltdown is an online slot by Everi, the original title before Atomic Meltdown and Total Meltdown. 

The game is so popular, Everi made three variations of it! 

Check out why Meltdown should be the next online slot you play in our review below. 

  • Wild Symbols
  • Multipliers
  • Re-spins
Minimum Bet$0.25
Maximum Bet $75
Top Win12,000 coins

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Meltdown Slot Symbols and Payouts

Meltdown is a simple 3-reel, 1-payline game, which has mid-range RTP and low volatility. The wins pay from left to right on the central row. Winning combinations are usually three-of-a-kind arrangements, with two exceptions:

  • Rows with a wild in the mix
  • Sequences with different BAR symbols

The game allows for x1, x2, and x3 bet multipliers.


The game repeats the classic Meltdown slot machine’s theme, using the same ‘atomic power plant’ aesthetic. The reels are on a metallic background, which looks hot and melting as you play.

The symbols include classics like 7 and BAR. Other modified ones are 2xBAR, 3xBAR, and the wild ‘Meltdown’ symbol.

The latter is both the highest and lowest paying symbol at the same time. One ‘Meltdown‘ on the payline at x1 multiplier rewards x2 the bet.

Three-of-a-kind with the same condition gives you x500 in winnings.

One of each BAR symbols on the payline also results in a winning combination and pays x5 your total bet.

Meltdown Symbols
Meltdown Symbols


Other symbols’ payout variations are less drastic. Three 7s give x100 and three BARs award half of that at x1 multiplier. At x3, the ratios stay the same.

One of the most interesting (and likely) combinations is ‘any 3 BARs’ – BAR | 2xBAR | 3xBAR (or in another sequence).

This outcome pays x5, x10, or x15 of the stake at x1, x2, and xq3 bet multiplier level accordingly.

Meltdown Slot Min/Max Bets

At the x1 multiplier level, the starting bet is $0.25, the minimum possible per-spin amount.

As you go up, $75 is the highest, with the top coin value of $25 at an x3 multiplier.

The selected wager amount and multiplier rate determine the real-money outcome you can expect.

Meltdown Slot RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Landing a win in this Everi title is hard work.

With its low volatility, the winning outcomes are rare. However, when the wins land, you can expect satisfying results.

Although the provider doesn’t advertise it, some sources grade Meltdown slot RTP at mid-range (95-96%).

Meltdown Slot Jackpot And/Or Maximum Win

You land the jackpot when three wild symbols line up on the winning payline.

This results in x500, x1,000, or x2,400 your initial stake, depending on which bet multiplier level you’ve selected.

Another potential smashing win (12,000 coins) can happen during the re-spins if you land the three wilds for five times in a row.

Meltdown Slot Features

Everi’s Meltdown slot will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Meltdown Features

This game’s low volatility builds up excitement before hitting you with a big win.

Wilds, Re-Spins, and Other Base Game Features

The wild and the re-spins are two of the most anticipated features in the game.

These highlights hold the potential for outrageous payouts.


‘Meltdown’ logo is the wild, which acts as usual, substituting any other symbol to make a winning combination.

1 to 3 wild symbols landing on the central row pays out, no matter the reel on which they appear.

Depending on the bet level, here are the payouts you should be looking for:

  • One ‘Meltdown’ – x2, x4, or x6
  • Two ‘Meltdown’ – x5, x10, or x15
  • Three ‘Meltdown’ – x500, x1,000, or x2,400


Five random re-spins can be triggered at random, which guarantees back-to-back wins.

The victorious sequence has the potential to shoot your rewards up to the sky.

While this outcome isn’t very likely, if all five winning combinations are formed with three ‘Meltdown’ symbols, the resulting win will amount to a whopping 12,000 coins.

Graphics & Sound

This game’s neon-and-metallic aesthetic takes you closer to an atomic reactor, where it’s too hot, and there’s too little oxygen to breathe.

Every time you hit spin, it sounds as if the reactor powers up.

Other than that, there’s not much sound or music to create an ambiance, which isn’t too bad because you become more anxious if it’s silent.

Meltdown Gameplay

Meltdown has sharp graphics and symbols without any excess elements.

When it comes to animation, however, the game could be a little more engaging.

The spins last too long, even with the ‘Quick Spin’ option turned on.

The inability to pick up the pace can be annoying if you like more dynamic games.

Other Slots to Play If You Like Meltdown Slot

Everi has a few other slot variations that use the same ‘nuclear plant’ theme as Meltdown. ‘Total Meltdown‘ and ‘Atomic Meltdown‘ are the most popular ones.

These contain more features and paylines than the original Meltdown online.

Thus, if you like more action in your slot, you might end up enjoying those more.

Meltdown Slot Review – Conclusion

It would be a stretch to say that this is an action-packed slot, where every spin might bear a winning combination.

On the contrary, this is a game for those who like waiting for the sweet victory.

Meltdown slot volatility and the single payline make it a nice treat if you’ve got the budget and guts to risk a little more than usual. Still, the anticipation of x12,000 winnings can make it worth the risk.